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Fives cranfield precision TTG100-FIVES

The Cranfield Precision Twin Turret Generator (TTG) incorporates a unique and patented design using two vertical rotary axes and one in-feed axis (linear or rotary) in order to produce relative motion (position and angle) between two points in space over a swept area. The machine is capable of very low sub-surface damage grinding, optical quality diamond turnining, micro-milling and pre-polishing all on the same platform.

Repeatability and stability

Rotary axes such as those used by the TTG, can have very large thrust bearings (typically hydrostatic) mounted directly upon the machine base to provide highly stiff, damped axes with an excellent bearing ratio in all directions resulting in axisymmetric stiffness characteristics. This results in more predictable stiffness loop and often a higher stiffness which in turn gives a higher level of precision and repeatability throughout the machine’s working volume.

Precise free-form machining

Precise axis interpolation control of the two rotary turret axes, the linear infeed axis and the rotary component workhead enables the high precision production of complex fre-form surfaces.

Compact footprint

The unique configuration of the TTG provides for a compact machine footprint that is significantly smaller (typically 40%) for a given workpiece over conventional machines.

TTG Machine capacity range

Cranfield Precision TTG350

Ø100 mm x 50 mm full form profile

Ø350 mm x 200 mm max 


Key Features 

  • Hydrostatic turret bearings
  • Hydrostatic workhead spindle | (Aerostatic option)
  • Air bearing grinding spindles
  • CNC 6400 control with full 3D simulation
  • On board metrology with integrated compensation
  • Vertical Y-Axis
  • 5 Axis simultainous grinding
  • Thermally isolated machine base
  • Multiple grinding spindle configurations
  • Capability for grinding, milling, polishing, diamond turning and metrology on the tool turret


Optical Lens Fabrication, optical molds, textured and Freeform surfaces, Orthopaedic implants

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