Cranfield Precision OGM

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The OGM's have component capacities of 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm respectively and thicknesses up to 500mm.

3rd generation large optics grinder

The Cranfield Precision OGM has major improvements in stiffness and flexibility from the previous large format optical grinding machines. The patented counterbalance system allows the Cranfield Precision OGM to grind optics with less sub surface damage. In addition it is possible to measure the optic  with on board metrology or an overhead interferometer without removal from the machine.

Control and accuracy

Machine control and accuracy is maximized with available advanced optical metrology equipment and Cranfield Precision’s CNC 6400 Control System.

Cranfield Precision OGM machine capacity range

Cranfield Precision OGM800, Cranfield Precision OGM1200, Cranfield Precision OGM1600 and Cranfield Precision OGM2000

Key Features

  • Hydrostatic bearings
  • Twin linear motors on each linear axis
  • Twin linear encoders on each linear axis
  • Zero hysteresis, patented vertical axis linear motor counter force mechanism
  • FEA optimized bridge and base
  • Direct drive work spindle and rotary table
  • In-situ measuring probe
  • Secondary spindle for I/D O/D grinding and light-weighting
  • Wheel dressing station 

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