Cranfield Precision EcoR 1664

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The Cranfield Precision EcoR 1664 is a roll turning machine for production level machining of optical quality components. 

Advanced design

Using advanced 3D CAD techniques and FEA the EcoR1640 roll turning machine has been designed to have outstanding thermal stability, very high stiffness and excellent damping.

Reduced errors

The main axis of the machine uses a stepped hydrostatic design with rail positioning that provides virtually zero roll errors in the tool infeed direc­tion, drastically reducing the majority of errors experienced on conventional lathes.

The raised rear bearing rail configuration produces a bed stiffness around 1.6x stiffer than conventional flat bed designs. This dramatically reduces spindle alignment errors induced by the moving tool carriage and  when changing between different roll sizes and mass.

Zero friction linear encoder seals (in-house design and manufacture) enable <15 nm tool following errors at working speeds.

Key Features

  • Workpiece size:  Up to 410 mm (16”) diameter and 1625 mm (64”) long
    - Other sizes available
  • Structure: Polymer concrete filled steel fabrication for very high stiffness and damping.
  • In-house design and manufacture of all bearings
  • Rotary bearing radial error motions:  
    - <130 nm synchronous
    - <100 nm asynchronous
  • Linear drive motors
  • 1nm resolution linear encoders
  • All axes hydrostatic using oil temperature controlled to 0.01°C
  • Microclimate with oil shower temperature control to 0.01°C
  • Machine isolated from external sources of vibration.
  • Auxiliary cable management axis isolates cable drag forces from machine axes


High precision structured surfaces for optical film production.

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