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On-site Services

Our highly experienced technicians can be on-site for customer training, technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance, evaluations, installations and repairs. 

Technical Support

Our experienced GrinderCareSM Team offers technical support to customers over the phone and via email.  Our global network allows us to provide 24/7 support and order parts or schedule on-site service for customers in a timely manner. 


We offer customized training in local languages to ensure machine operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel can keep equipment running at optimal efficiency, enhancing the bottom line. 

Unit Repairs

Our GrinderCareSM Team project manages all aspects of unit repairs and rebuilds to ensure OEM quality is maintained. Precision parts and components are finished in-house and units are assembled by highly experienced technicians to OEM specifications. 

Software Upgrades

Our controls, PLC, and computer upgrades provide faster computation, improved grind control, undated technologies, and operator-friendly setup. We offer standard upgrade packages, as well as, fully customized engineered solutions.

Reutilization of Current Assets:

IW Footstock  Before  copyright-FIVES Bryant Spindle  Before  copyright-FIVES Landis SE Dresser  Before 2 copyright-FIVES
IW Footstock  After  copyright-FIVES Bryant Spindle  After  copyright-FIVES Landis SE Dresser  After  copyright-FIVES

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