A successful Refurbishment Project for Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Centre in China

SGM Refurbished Machines

Press release - China, June 6, 2019

In December 2017, Shanghai General Motors (SGM) chose Fives and its Grinding | Ultra Precision teams for the refurbishment of 3 Landis LT2e Crankshaft Grinders from their Wuhan (China) facility – a prerequisite to the project that the refurbishment and retooling was completed off-site.

The machines were received in July 2018 and all the refurbished grinders have been sent back to the customer this March 2019 according to the schedule.

The project capitalized on harnessing our significant installed base to reutilize 3 existing SGM assets along with the supply of 3 new Landis machines, offering customer a more flexible and optimized solution for their project compared to the competition. This kind of project was feasible thanks to Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Center in China.  

With the efforts and the simultaneous work of Grinding | Ultra Precision teams in United Kingdom and China, the project has been successfully completed.

The engineering capabilities at both Fives Landis in the UK and Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Centre in Guangzhou help to strengthen the service capabilities offered by Grinding | Ultra Precision to support the local customers and the GrinderCare services.

The project execution was highly evaluated by Mr Zuo Xinjun, the lead M.E. Engineer of SGM Wuhan, after his team signed the pre-acceptance of the project in the Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Center in Guangzhou.


It is really an excellent workshop, good working environment and professional team of Grinding experts. The retooling of SGM CSS Phase 3&4 projects is successful thanks to the work from you and your team.”

The Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Center is the first dedicated service facility for Fives in China, thanks to the investment by Fives to focus on growing services globally.

This is one of the two Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision service centers in the world. This facility focuses primarily on refurbishment projects – the other being located in Mexico.

It will be the center of excellence, providing full GrinderCare services for all customers. It aims to support them through their equipment lifecycle and enable them to maximize the performance of their installations.

Along with the growing Grinding | Ultra Precision team, the 4200m2 Chinese Service Center offers a newly dedicated workshop, specialized training room with simulators, open plan offices to provide technical and administrate support, metrology and measuring capabilities, and plans to develop a showroom and technology center.