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Fives grinding ultra precision railroad-FIVES

The railroad is in the heart of new environmental and technological expectations.

To support the growth of the mobility needs in term of public transport and freights, rail manufacturers develop new solutions in growing requirements as for precision and productivity.

Since the railroad birth, Fives has been an important figure in the rail world development. At the heart of the industrial revolution, Fives manufactured the first Belgian railroad and locomotives. Since then the Group and through its Giustina and Landis grinding machines, Fives has been supporting rail manufacturers and equipment suppliers to provide high precision and flexible production.

Fives brings its expertise and long-term grinding solutions to respond all needs of the rail industry whatever the size and length of the work piece.

As a worldwide leader in grinding technology, Fives provides competitive and reliable machines for a competitive business. Giustina and Landis grinders are customized and designed to ensure flexible production and quality whatever the size of the part.

Fives grinding solutions for the railroad industry are designed for:

Bars, bearings, camshafts, con-rods, crankshafts, gears, pins, pistons, plates, rings, shafts, tubes, valves

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