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Fives grinding ultra precision heavy equipment-FIVES

The heavy equipment industry has the big challenge to produce any size of components while providing high precision and quality. Fives provides fully adaptive solutions for these very specific needs.

Worldwide, specific activities require the use of heavy equipment, like agriculture, construction, excavation and mining industry. They have to resist high mechanical operations while maintaining high performance. In these conditions, grinding exceptional and unusual sizes of parts is a challenge which requires very specific knowledge and high expertise.

As a worldwide leader in the grinding industry, Fives develops ultimate and grinding solutions to ensure high quality levels and flexibility to its customers and also designing tailor made solutions for every special need.

Constantly developing pioneering and adaptable solutions, through its 2 strong brands Giustina and Landis, Fives is the most appropriate partner to the heavy equipment industry, offering the possibility to grind any size of parts in one single machine.

Fives grinding solutions for the heavy industry include:

Axles, housings, shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, con-rods, bars, bearings, brake discs, gears, pins, pistons, liners, rings, plates, rollers, struts, valves

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