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The global energy market spans from oil and mining to solar and  petro-chemical, each with its own unique challenges. Fives offers a wide range of flexible and reliable grinding solutions to meet the needs of all segments of this diverse market.

The global energy market is accelerating at a rapid pace, with new energy sources and previously untapped resources discovered every day. Staying ahead of the curve is key in maintaining a competitive advantage and developing flexible manufacturing processes is a crucial strategy.

Leaning on the strong names and ultimate technology of Landis and Giustina grinding machines, Fives provides the most flexible and efficient solutions of the market. Taking advantage of open architecture controls, parts of various sizes and configurations can be easily handled and often times all in one machine. This flexibility gives customers the peace of mind to know that no matter where the market takes them, they can handle it with a Fives grinding machine. Fives is not just a producer of grinding machines, but a full strategic partner dedicated to process customization and maximum productivity for each customer.

Fives grinding solutions for the energy market are designed for:

Shafts, camshafts, crankshafts, con-rods, gears, pins, rings, valves, bars, tubes, bearings, pistons and specialty solutions.