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Fives grinding ultra precision defense-FIVES

When on the front line, there is no room for error. Rely on the ultra precision, reliability and repeatability that only Fives solutions can offer.

The defense market faces challenges such as cost cutting, fixed contracts and constantly changing federal guidelines. Keys to success are establishing long-standing relationships with key suppliers and driving process efficiency to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Fives provides global solutions, invested in the design process and dedicated to collaboration and innovation.  The complete line of Fives grinding technologies offers a customized approach to each unique work piece and process.  Advances in product design help to minimize overall cost of ownership, such as compact machine footprints and reduced energy consumption.

Fives has a global presence and is positioned to offer a full complement of services and solutions around the clock and around the world – a true long-term strategic partner.

Fives grinding solutions for defense industry include:

Ammunitions, shafts, crankshaft, camshaft, con-rod, brake disc, gears, pins, rings, plates, valves, bars, tubes, tripod, fasteners, bearings, pistons, specialty solutions

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