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The automotive manufacturers demand long-term quality and high reliability. Fives is at the heart of the process to bring adapted solutions and provide long lasting results and ultimate performance.

The automotive industry plays a crucial role in the worldwide economy with more than 80 million vehicles sold per year. Today, the sector is the key initiator of numerous stakes in industrial innovations, environmental development and economy. Manufacturers and suppliers are in constant evolution with still more requirements, need for higher productivity and precision.

Since the beginning of the automotive industry, Fives has brought its expertise and ultimate grinding equipment, constantly developing customized grinding solutions to increase productivity, and flexibility for its customers.

Fives has been a long-term partner to the automotive industry, grinding major components of engines and transmissions with Giustina and Landis machines.

Those machines are customized to guarantee a high throughput grinding production.

Fives grinding solutions for the automotive industry are designed for:

Bars, bearings, brake discs, camshafts, crankshafts, con-rods, fasteners, gears, pins, pistons, shafts, tripods, tubes and valves.