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Air-conditioning is part of many industrial applications and in everyday life. In this fast-growing market, ultimate quality and low environmental foot-print of the components are crucial.

A longtime partner for manufacturers of components in the air-conditioning industry, Fives has been supporting them in the optimization of environmental performance, leaning on the legacy and expertise of two strong brands like Giustina and Landis.

Thanks to a culture of active listening, Fives is constantly developing ultimate and customized grinding solutions, ensuring flexibility, low maintaining costs and high productivity in order to guarantee optimized performance for its customers.

Fives is not only a leading supplier and builder of first class technology but also designs tailor-made grinding solutions, which combine high performance and environmental respect to ensure success.

Fives grinding solutions for air-conditioning operators are designed for:

Pins, pistons, plates, rollers, shafts, valves and specialty solutions.