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Fives grinding ultra precision aerospace market-FIVES

Today’s global aerospace market is extremely dynamic, known for its drive of innovation and technological advances. More complex designs, highly detailed parts and tighter environmental restrictions are all challenges to keep air travel and cargo delivery on the go. 

Every day, Fives designs grinding technology solutions that are tailored to these specific requirements.  As a world-class technology leader, Fives offers customized grinding solutions that are flexible to accommodate multiple operations with a variety of machine configurations. In addition, Fives offers grinding machines that alleviate environmental concerns with reduced machine footprints and limited lube oil usage and waste.

Fives pioneering solutions help customers optimizing complex processes and maximizing productivity.

Fives grinding solutions for the aerospace market are designed for:

Shafts, brake disc, landing gear, fasteners, rings, plates, bars, bearings, vanes and specialty solutions.