Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Center in China: New Contract from SGM

SGM Machine

Press release - China, February 4, 2020

In November 2019, Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision Service Center in China secured a new important contract with Shanghai General Motors (SGM) for revamping and retooling two existing Landis LT2e machines, along with the supply of one brand new Landis LT2e machine in the same project.

This new contract is happening further to the previous SGM CSS IV project already awarded to Fives and executed in Q1-2019, showing the confidence Chinese customers put in Grinding | Ultra Precision new dedicated Service Center in Guangzhou.

This order testifies the important ability that Fives has to combine new Landis equipment and services effectively within its Grinding | Ultra Precision Business Line.

Grinding | Ultra Precision Chinese teams are really proud of this new step in developing service activities in China and will bring all their experience and knowledge to this important project for SGM.