Fives received multi-machine order for its new Landis-Bryant UL2 high performance ID grinder in U.S.

Landis-Bryant UL2 2017 web copyright-FIVES

Landis-Bryant UL2 high performance ID grinder

Shortly after the acquisition of Bryant Grinders’ technology and intellectual property, Fives Landis Corp. received the purchase order for multiple machines of its newly introduced internal grinding system Landis-Bryant UL2 from one of North America’s well-renowned producers of precision-machined automotive components.

Fives’ high performance internal grinding systems will be a crucial part to the customer’s high volume production process of valve train components. These high precision parts demand grinding equipment that can handle the high volume production requirements while meeting the extremely tight tolerance standards. Designed for high speed, high precision ID grinding, the Landis-Bryant UL2 is a perfect fit for this type of production environment. During the recent factory runoffs Fives’ turnkey solution exceeded the very tight cycle time and tolerance requirements set by the customer.

Although it’s a new product in Fives’ Grinding | Ultra Precision product portfolio, this US customer is not new to this internal precision grinding system. The client has been utilizing multiple UL2 grinders of an older generation for their precision components production, back then manufactured by Bryant Grinder Corp. Because of the extreme positive experience with these grinders, the production manager at the customer’s US plant was very delighted to hear about the Bryant acquisition by Fives in 2015, as he knew about Fives’ long time experience and expertise, and great reputation as a manufacturer of high precision grinding systems.

 “Our customer has placed a great amount of trust in our team and its capabilities by committing to this large machine order” says Dwight Myers, CEO and President.

All Landis-Bryant UL2 grinders have successfully completed the run-off at Fives Landis Corp.’ Maryland production plant and have been delivered to the client’s facility in the US. According to the customer, the machine acceptance went extremely smooth and exceeded the expectations.