Fives optimizes the cycle time of a premier customer’s grinding machines using proprietary Artificial Intelligence Software.

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Press release - China, February 14, 2019

Cycle Time Savings

In November 2019, Fives secured an order from a Chinese car manufacturer based in Huiyang, Guangdong, to use a new Service Offering to optimize the machine parameters of two of its Landis LT1 camshaft grinding machines.

Using proprietary artificial intelligence software along with experienced experts from the UK and China, the Grinding | Ultra Precision teams were able to study the machine's operation and the existing process, and thanks to their Work-Speed Profile Editor software, define and edit new profiles and parameters taking into account the characteristics of the Camshafts, their material, geometric constraints and customer specificities.

These parameters, installed and optimized by the Grinding | Ultra Precision teams, allowed the client to obtain the best grinding cycle of the machine and to optimize production volumes – at the same time optimizing quality even further.

The novelty of this service contract lies in its business model: for the first time, the Grinding | Ultra Precision teams made a commitment of predicted performance and asked to be rewarded on the basis of the productivity gain, estimated nearly to 20% cycle time saving. A win-win partnership!

This project, which was ordered in November and completed in December, also illustrates that the Grinding | Ultra Precision teams can execute this type of service with agility and responsiveness.