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Availability and engine efficiency drives the truck industry. As a longtime partner, Fives supports manufacturers with grinding solutions to produce core components in all sizes with high precision and quality.

Road transportation has a key role to support the worlds growing demand in freight transport.

Efficiency, reliability and durability are crucial factors for customers; therefore precision combined with high productivity is needed to match those requests.

Keeping the precision whatever the size of the component is, high productivity  combined with possibility to grind small to big parts in one machine are the main factors to be successful.

Constantly developing state-of-the-art and customized solutions to ensure high quality levels and flexibility to its customers, leaning on 2 strong brands -Giustina and Landis- developed to grind any sizes of parts, Fives is a strong partner to the truck industry.

Fives is not only a leading supplier and builder of first class grinders, but also designs tailor made grinding solutions for every special customer need.

Fives grinding solutions for the truck industry are designed for:

Axles, housing, shafts, crankshaft, camshafts, con-rods, bars, bearings, brake discs, gears, pins, pistons, liners, rings, plates, rollers, struts, valves, …

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