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Fives provides fully adaptive grinding solutions that offer the most flexibility with high precision and sub-micron accuracy to meet the specific needs of bearing manufacturers.

Bearing manufacturers are constantly looking for industrial innovations in the manufacturing process to meet increasing marketing demands. Bearings enhance the functionality of machinery and help to save energy. Bearings are crucial for the stable operation of machinery and for ensuring its top performance. The growth and demand in the bearing market is driven by the wide application of bearing use throughout the continually developing automotive industry. Fives is a key leader in the automotive industry, bringing knowledge and ultimate grinding equipment to the forefront of the market.

With our combined expertise in grinding, automation and logistics we created a revolutionary new process that allows flexible processing, fast changeover and flexible layouts to meet the needs of bearing manufacturers. Our innovative solution allows for shorter changeovers, increased uptime, a lower number of machines needed and less manpower; which results in increased cost savings during the manufacturing process.

As a global supplier of first class grinders, bearings contributes to lower energy consumption by reducing friction. This is just one way bearings are environmentally friendly.

Fives is a total solutions provider for customized and flexible solutions for the bearing industry.

Fives grinding solutions for the bearing industry are designed for:

Cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, out of round bearings, needle bearings and other custom shapes and forms.