VSD 305 / 355 / 455 / 585

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Fives VSD Machine

Gardner, Giustina or Daisho surface grinding machines

The vertical single disc machine is a pin-bore clamping vertical single disc machine for flat surface grinding of gears, rotors, other workpieces where a special squareness is requested. The machine can be equipped with multi workpiece clamping feature to reduce the cycle time and enhance productivity.

Every Fives grinder is designed and built according to the special customer requirements in all terms such as high precision and reliability to offer the ultimate solution available.

Gardner, Giustina or Daisho grinding machines will be proposed according to the standards in the specific geographical areas.


  • High resistance cast iron machine bed
  • Grinding wheel movement servo-controlled
  • CBN grinding wheels
  • Automatic or manual loading/unloading






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