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The Bryant TTG machine is the perfect answer to issues faced in the modern manufacturing process allowing flexible processing, fast changeover and flexible layouts.

This machine allows high flexibility in manufacturing thanks its capability to combine multiple operations into one machining platform while maintaining or improving the accuracy and precision of a traditional single spindle machine.

The Bryant TTG is a twin-turret, configurable multi-spindle platform to grind ODs, IDs, faces, tapers, concentric and eccentric diameters to sub-micron tolerances in a single clamping.

Key Features

  • High flexibility in workpiece grinding operations
  • Various spindle configurations available
  • Hard turning and polishing capabilities
  • Reduced work piece changeover time
  • Constant wheel surface speed
  • Superior surface finishes
  • Easy automation integration
  • High performance control with open architecture


Automotive, Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Bearing, Defense, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Medical, Truck, Railroad, Transmission

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