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Fives, ultimate machines, ultimate factory

Fives’ tagline captures its expertise in high quality machines and key
process equipment as well as its ability to develop fully optimized
and integrated production solutions.

The Grinding | Ultra Precision team consists of major manufacturing brands Landis, Giustina, Gardner, Daisho, Cranfield Precision, Cincinnati and Bryant. We unite a number of famous brands and trade under one roof and with one common purpose; to design, build, manufacture and deliver grinding machines to a wide range of customers all around the world.

Our portfolio includes Internal/External grinding, Surface grinding, Camshaft/Crankshaft grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Peel grinding and Centerless grinding. Our experience in manufacturing grinding machines across a number of different countries also includes a range of industries such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Equipment, Truck and much more.

Our teams are trained to engineer and project manage each machine from beginning to end while looking at the sustainability of the machines through our spare parts and re-tooling services.

Grinding | Ultra Precision is part of the Fives Group and was established in 2007. The international Fives headquarters is located in Paris, France, but we have offices and work sites spread all around the globe so we can be near our customers. Wherever you are, we are.


U.S.A., Fives Landis Corp.

Landis Corp
Our US site covers new machine builds and Aftermarket. It holds a Technology Center where test grinds can be carried out

Based in Hagerstown, MD, Fives Landis Corp. (former Cinetic Landis Corp.), is the most experienced manufacturers of cylindrical, centerless and disc grinding machines and solutions.

Landis pioneered “chase the pin” or orbital grinding technology to provide a new level of flexibility and precision in finish grinding of automotive and diesel camshafts and crankshafts. The technology is applicable wherever high-speed interpolation and high stiffness are required in the grinding system.

ITALY, Fives Giustina S.r.l.

Our Italian site focuses on the surface grinding technologies as well as Aftermarket

Located in San Mauro Torinese/Turin, Fives Giustina has been offering a wide and exhaustive range of high precision grinding machines for all kind of grinding needs for nearly a century.

Fives Giustina designs and builds high production and special grinders, based on its long and constant cooperation with the biggest names in national and international industry. The result is a unique integrated know-how and quality, which is confirmed by obtaining Fords Q1 Preferred Quality Award and DIN 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 – certificates and satisfied customers with over 2,000 machines installed worldwide.

GERMANY, Fives Landis GmbH

Fives Landis GmBh
Our German office covers new machine sales as well as Aftermarket

Based in Stuttgart, Ernst Polack GmbH became Fives Landis GmbH in 2016 joining the Grinding | Ultra Precision business line. 

Fives Landis GmbH has been offering the exclusive sales and service for the Landis grinding machines in Germany since 1958, and is now offering the entire portfolio, including Giustina, Bryant, Daisho & Cranfield Precision machines.

UK, Fives Landis Ltd.

Landis Ltd
Our UK site covers new machine builds and Aftermarket. It holds a Technology Center where test grinds can be carried out

Fives Landis Ltd. (former Cinetic Landis Ltd), is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high precision grinding machinery for the automotive industry.

On the site of the existing factory, there has been a manufacturing facility for over 200 years.

The Cross Hills facility has been honored to receive three separate Queens Awards for Industry, Export and Technological Achievement – the most significant in recognition, in producing the industries first production CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine of which over 1,000 have been shipped.

UK, Cranfield Precision, division of Fives Landis Ltd.

Research & Development Center
Our Research & Development Center in the UK covers all developments from the group.

Located in Bedford / London, Cranfield Precision® (former Cinetic Landis Ltd), has 50 years experience in precision machine design and manufacture of world beating high precision machine tools. 

The business area encompasses ultra precision machine tools, precision measuring systems and custom designed special purpose machines. 

The strong links to university research groups and trade associations give to Cranfield Precision®  the capacity to undertake projects ranging from R&D, process consultancy to complete machine design and manufacture.

Daisho Seiki Corporation

Daisho Seiki
Our Japanese site covering surface grinding machines for horizontal and vertical component grinding

Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Daisho Seiki has nearly 70 years of experience in precision grinding for the automotive industry.

By dedicated to making machine tools from the user’s perspective, Daisho is able to meet a world of grinding needs. The optimal machines and systems are designed to capture outstanding precision and high productivity all at a very low cost. Today you will find Daisho’s proprietary grinding technology at work around the globe.