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The Landis TTG grinding machine is a unique twin-turret, multi-spindle solution for performing multiple operations in a single fixturing.

Unlimited Flexibility

Rotary turrets with integral servomotors and x-axis hydrostatic ways with linear motor in-feeds for an innovative solution for grinding ODs, IDs, faces, tapers, concentric, and eccentric diameters and contours. 

Unique Machine Structure

Optical levels of precision and unprecedented reliability with minimal maintenance requirements by ball screws, gears, ways and rails with back-lash free linear and radial servomotors for all motions and using ultra-stiff hydrostatic spindle bearings.

High Performance Control

Open architecture control delivers maximum delivery plus advanced monitoring capabilities, comprehensive sensor integration and ease of programming in a fully-integrated package.

Key Features

  • Dual rotary hydrostatic turrets for simultaneous contouring
  • Standard/max to 350 x 40 mm CBN OD wheels 
  • 32kW available power with wheel speeds up to 120 m/sec
  • Options include a variety of in-process gauging and touch probes, auto wheel balancers and automated loading


Automotive, Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Defense, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Medical, Truck, Railroad

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