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The Landis-Bryant RU2 is a modular high precision grinding machine capable of processing the most complex workpieces for fuel systems, valve and drive trains, bearings, aerospace and medical applications.  It's multi-slide option in both X and Z axis with multiple spindles, work heads, and dressing systems is an ideal platform for most common (and uncommon) process operations such as bore, seat, and face.

Extended Flexibility

Multi-slide possibilities in both the X and Z axis with multiple work heads, wheel heads, and dressing systems make the machine ideal for process operations such as bore, seat, and face.

Ultimate Thermal Stability

The granite epoxy bed includes a thermal stability system to monitor the temperature. Together with the optional adaptive thermal compensation, it provides ultimate thermal stability.

Performance & Precision Technology

The extremely stiff hydrostatic round-bar guideway system combined with the high resolution Heidenhain glass scales and Fanuc linear motors enables precise location of all axes resulting in ultimate dimensional and geometric accuracy.

Picture Gallery

  • 4 spindles small 4-FIVES
  • Hydra truc Small 3-FIVES
  • single spindle workhead Small 3-FIVES
  • RU2 center-type configuration Small 3-FIVES
  • Landis-Bryant RU2 slideshow5-FIVES
  • Out of round part Small 3-FIVES
  • Fuel Injection Work Pieces Small 3-FIVES




Bore Diameter

228 mm

Max. Workpiece OD

203 mm

Max. Workpiece Length

177 mm

Max. Internal Grinding Depth

  88 mm


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