Internal/External Grinding

  • Face grinding Small 3-FIVES
  • 4 spindles small 4-FIVES
  • Fuel Injection Work Pieces Small 3-FIVES
  • seat small 3-FIVES
  • X DSC2237 Small 3-FIVES

Fives expanded its expertise to the design and manufacture of high-precision, high-production inner-outer diameter grinders and continues to innovate with the latest in modular multi-surface grinding systems and spindle design.  Products mainly include dedicated internal diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) high-precision/high-production grinders as well as universal ID/OD (bore/seat/face) grinders.  Its new developments include Landis-Bryant precision grinders designed for fuel management components as well as bearing, valve train, automotive, and aerospace applications.

The various machine configurations of slides, grinding spindles, dressing spindles, tooling and fixtures gives you the greatest versatility, together with reduced cycle times and extremely tight tolerances.  Landis-Bryant precision grinders are suited to many applications and come in a range of sizes:

  • Universal grinders capable of ID and OD grinding from .04" to .10" inside and out.
  • Bore, seat, and face grinders ideal for fuel management applications.
  • Small parts manufacturing.

With its modular "building block" concept, Landis-Bryant grinders use standard components to construct a custom machine its clients.

Internal/External Grinding Machines

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