Landis LT1Se & Landis LT1Se-DH

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Landis LT1Se-FIVES

Designed as compact cam-segment grinders the Landis LT1Se models can grind cylindrical and non-cylindrical shapes on small to mid-sized components.

Component Adaptibility

Designed to accommodate camshaft, crankshaft and transmission components.

Compact Machine Footprint

Technologically advanced machine wrapped up in the most compact footprint of its type available.


Hydrostatic guideways and linear motors with encoder feedback are used for all axes providing a smooth and fast motion with accurate positioning and elimination of reversal for repeatability.

Key Features

  • Duel headstock (LT1Se-DH)
  • Virtually zero parasitic time for high production requirements
  • Integrated loader mechanism to load/unload whilst machining (LT1Se-DH)
  • Linear motors on all slide ways
  • In process gauging 





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