Landis Flex

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Fives Grinding Ultra Precision Landis flex-FIVES

The Landis flex grinding machine is designed for the grinding of shaft-type parts. The machine sets a new benchmark for sustainable productivity, precision and flexibility in a package with a smaller carbon footprint than anything else on the market today.


Control software supports multiple axis interpolation for flexible processing of eccentric, concentric and traverse configurations.

Energy Efficient

An advanced design minimizes hydrolic units and consumes 25% of the energy used by comparable grinding machines.


Optimized system design reduces total cost of ownership by utilizing hydrostatics, eliminating ball screws and minimizing lube oil consumption. 

Key Features

  • Available in straight, 30-degree plunge, twin wheelhead and single- and dual-spindle configurations
  • B-axis provides process flexibility
  • Conventional or CBN grinding wheels
  • Linear motor and orbital technology
  • Low energy grinding wheel spindle hydrostatics
  • In-process polishing capabilities




Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Truck, Marine, Railroad

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