Giustina R125

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Fives Grinding Ultra Precision Giustina R125-FIVES

The Giustina R125 is a Centerless grinder for grinding of all kind of bars, tubes, cam shafts, gear shafts and rollers in trough-feed or plunge cut working method.

Every Giustina grinder is designed and built according to the special customer requirements in all terms such as high precision and reliability  to offer the ultimate solution available.

Maximized Productivity

The process with fixed center, automatic taper compensation and its rigidity, together with the automatic post-process gauge allow a very high precision and an incomparable productivity.

High Stock Removal Rate

Very high abrasion rate combined with high precision in all working methods: through-feed and in-feed.

Short Cycle Times

The Giustina R125 grinder offers invincible short cycle time in order to fit with the high standards in the industrial production.


  • Spindles with hydrodynamic lubrication mounted on double support
  • Automatic taper compensation
  • Grinding wheel with dynamic balancing device, max. width 660mm
  • Control wheel. max. width 660mm, tilt angle up to 8°

Giustina R125 – plunge infeed working method

Giustina R125 - through-feed working method

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