Landis LT3e

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Fives Grinding Ultra Precision Landis LT3-FIVES

The Landis LT3e orbital crankshaft grinding machine is designed to grind large crankshafts, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technological developments and providing outstanding features.

Enhanced Processing

Accuracy of the geometry of the shaft is increased with the process of grinding the crankshaft main bearings on axis and orbitally grinding the crank pins without having to remove the shaft from the machine.

Maximized Capacity

The robust machine design provides capability of grinding workpieces in lengths of up to 8000 mm (available 12000 mm) and weights up to 8500 kg.


Machine processes designed specifically to fit the unique needs of the customer and workpiece.

Key Features

  • CNC Orbital Grinding technology
  • In-process gauging
  • CNC Hydrostatic wheelhead and workhead bearings
  • Linear motor technology
  • Up to 40 servo axes supported
  • Servo workrests
  • Electronically synchronized crankheads


Automotive, Defense, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Railroad, Truck


Machine installations in Germany and China.

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