Landis LT2HHe

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Crankshaft grinder for heavy industrial applications

Specifically designed for grinding crankpins and journals on crankshafts up to 4.5m in length, the Landis LT2HHe is the world’s largest-capacity fully automatic, twin wheel head CBN grinding machine. Designed around proven Landis technology utilizing linear motors and fully hydrostatic linear and rotary axes, the Landis LT2HHe brings the latest developments in high volume grinding processes to the heavy industrial sector.

Key Features

  • Capacity up to 4,500 mm part length
  • Linear motor technology
  • Hydrostatic wheel head feed & cross slides
  • Hydrostatic wheel spindles
  • Hydrostatic workheads
  • Variable speed work drive
  • Automatic in-process gauging and centreline correction
  • Flexible table tooling with rack & pinion adjustment
  • Fully automatic taper control & adjustment

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