Landis LT1e

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Fives Grinding Ultra Precision Landis LT1-FIVES

The Landis LT1e grinding machine incorporates the technology of larger machines into a smaller imprint, providing unrivaled quality and cycle time standards for today’s shorter 4 and 6-cylinder camshafts as well as for short-run processing of concentric and non-concentric single- and multi-diameter shafts.

Component Adaptibility

Designed to accommodate camshaft, crankshaft and transmission components.

Compact Machine Footprint

Technologically advanced machine wrapped up in the most compact footprint of its type available.


Hydrostatic guideways and linear motors with encoder feedback are used for all axes providing a smooth and fast motion with accurate positioning and elimination of reversal for repeatability.

Key Features

  • CBN grinding wheels
  • Hydrostatic spindle and way system
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Dual headstock machine option
  • Swivel wheelhead option with Infinite Program Angles
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy access for simple, one-man wheel change
  • Linear motor technology


Automotive, Air Conditioning, Marine, Truck


200 Machines Installed Worldwide:  Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA.

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